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IJERE aims to facilitate and promote the inquiry into and dissemination of research results on primary education, secondary education, higher education, teacher education, special education, adult education, non-formal education, and any new development and advancement in the field of education. The scope of our journal includes; <span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">Language and literature education, </span><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">Social science education, Law, </span><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">Sports and health education, </span><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">Economics and business education, </span><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">Math and natural science education, </span><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">Vocational and engineering education, and </span><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">Visual arts, dance, music, and design education.</span></p> PT Inovasi Pratama Internasional en-US International Journal of Educational Research Excellence (IJERE) 2830-7933 Legal Review of Children Born Out of Wedlock Based on Islamic Inheritance Law and Civil Law <p>In the context of Islamic law, the division of inheritance is one of the studies in Islam which in science is discussed specifically in the Fiqh of Mawaris. This is none other than to prevent disputes between family members related to the inheritance of family members who have died. In essence, the position of the child is not only a blessing but also a mandate from Allah SWT. In the view of Islam, child protection has a fundamental meaning, namely as the basis of values ​​and paradigms for changing the fate of children. In civil law, marriage is the basis for the realization of family ties and this gives birth to rights and obligations among those who are included in the family environment. Children born from legal marriages and automatically have a civil relationship with their father, this is stated in Article 250 of the Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the Civil Code) which states that every child born or raised during marriage, obtains the husband as his father. The position of children in inheritance rights is also explained in the Civil Code in Article 852 which states that "children or all their descendants may be born from other marriages, even if they inherit from both parents, grandfather, grandmother or all their blood relatives, then in straight line up with no difference between male and female and no difference based on first birth.</p> Nurfitryani Siregar Nur Hakima Akhirani Nasution Copyright (c) 2023 Nurfitryani Siregar, Nur Hakima Akhirani Nasution 2023-07-25 2023-07-25 2 2 139 144 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.461 Development of Lift the Flap Book Learning Media on the Theme of Care About Living Things in Class IV SD <p>This study aims to develop learning media lift the flap book on the theme of caring for living things and to determine the feasibility of the media. This research is a type of development research (Research and Development) using the ADDIE development model. This research was carried out in three stages, namely 1) the analysis stage consisted of teacher analysis, student analysis; 2) the design stage, namely the design of the lift the flap book learning media using the Microsoft Word application and online applications that support it; 3) the development stage includes the validation stage. The subjects in this study were 2 media expert validators and 2 material expert validators. The instrument used to collect data is a questionnaire. The data analysis technique used in this research is descriptive qualitative and descriptive quantitative. Based on the feasibility of the media from the input of material experts, namely lecturers and teachers, media experts, namely lecturers. Reached 74%, material experts (teachers) reached 81%. If the proportion obtained reaches 60% to 80% then lift the flap book media is properly included. From the calculation above, it is obtained that the proportion is 74% and 81%, so the lift the flap book media is feasible. Media experts reach 90% and 85%. If the proportion obtained reaches 80% to 100% then the lift the flap book media is very feasible. From the calculation above, it is obtained that the proportion is 90% and 85%, so the lift the flap book is categorized as very good/very feasible. From the data validation results, the development of lift the flap book media on the theme of caring for living things developed by researchers was declared very feasible to be used as learning material in the learning process.</p> Nur Hanipah Tanjung Beta Rapita Silalahi Copyright (c) 2023 Nur Hanipah Tanjung, Beta Rapita Silalahi 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 2 2 145 154 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.454 Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on Articulate Storyline 3 Theme 5 My Heroes on Student Learning Interest Grade IV Elementary School <p>This study aims to develop media based on Articulate Storyline 3 on Theme 5 My Heroes, determine the feasibility and interest of grade IV students at SD Negeri 115486 Ujung Padang. This research is a type of development research (Research and Development) using the ADDIE development model which includes five stages, namely: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The subjects in this study were media design expert validators, material experts, learning experts (teachers) and grade IV elementary school students. The instrument used to collect data is a questionnaire. The data analysis technique used in this research is descriptive qualitative and descriptive quantitative. Based on data analysis obtained through the validity test of material experts, media design experts, teacher responses, and student responses. The results of validation by material experts are 72% including the valid / good category. The results of validation by media design experts are 66% including the valid / good category. The validation results of the fourth grade teacher's response were 72.5% including a very valid / good category, while for student responses, 85% included a very valid / good category. Based on the percentage results from material experts, media design experts, teacher responses and student responses, then calculated the average results obtained 86.2% including in the category very good / very feasible to use in the learning process. Based on the feasibility of media from the input of material experts, namely lecturers, media experts, namely lecturers and learning experts, namely the response of grade IV teachers, as well as student responses to learning media. From the data from the validation results, the development of Articulate Storyline media material on the Struggle of Heroes developed by researchers is declared very feasible to use as teaching materials in the learning process.</p> Nisa Azkiah Simatupang Safrida Napitupulu Copyright (c) 2023 Nisa Azkiah Simatupang, Safrida Napitupulu 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 155 165 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.455 Development of Digital Learning Media Helped Capcut on Theme Care Against Living Things in Class IV SD <p>This research is to find out the Development of CapCut-Assisted Digital Learning Media on the Theme of Caring for Living Creatures. The research design that I used in this study was Development or Research and Development (R&amp;D). The model used in this development is the ADDIE model. The research subjects of the development of CapCut-assisted digital learning media are media design experts, material experts. The object in this study is CapCut-assisted digital learning media on the theme of caring for living things which was created to assist teachers in thematic learning of class IV SD. Research on product development in the form of digital learning media assisted by CapCut on the theme of caring for living things for class IV SD NEGERI 0209 BAHAL BATU, which will be carried out in June 2023. To analyze the data collected from the questionnaire it can be grouped into 2 types of data, namely descriptive qualitative and quantitative descriptive. Qualitative data were obtained from a questionnaire containing criticism and suggestions from media and material validator experts. The data obtained as a reference for revising the product being developed. The data obtained as a guideline for revising the resulting product. Based on the results of the calculations above, the overall assessment results from material experts reach 70%. If the percentage obtained reaches 61% to 80% then the CapCut-assisted digital learning video is categorized as feasible. From the calculation above, it is obtained that the percentage is 70%, so the CapCut video is categorized as feasible. Based on the results of material expert validation, learning material on the theme of caring for living things through CapCut interactive video is feasible to be developed in science learning with a percentage of 80%, this means that learning media is included in the "decent" category.</p> Ira Amalia Harahap Dinda Yarshal Copyright (c) 2023 Ira Amalia Harahap, Dinda Yarshal 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 166 172 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.456 The Influence of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model on Student Learning Outcomes in Mathematics Learning Materials Building Cube Space and Beam in Class V SDN 060907 Medan Maimun District <p>This study aims to determine the effect of the problem based learning (PBL) model on student learning outcomes in learning mathematics on the material of cubes and blocks in class V SDN 060907 Medan Maimun District This study used a quasi-experimental design (quasi experimental design). The participants involved in this study were students in class VA and VB SD Negeri 060907 Medan Maimun District, with a total of 20 VA students and 19 VB students. The total number of participants was 39 students. Specifically, VA and VB students have the same learning ability characteristics and there is also no superior class at SD Negeri 060907 Medan Maimun District. The population in this study were all VA and VB class students at SD Negeri 060907 Medan Maimun District. The determination of the class to be used as the sample in this study was taken from the population, namely VA class students as the experimental class and VB class as the control class. The data collection techniques used in this study are: Tests, Documentation. Based on the results of the research that has been done, the results of the research based on hypothesis testing can be obtained tcount 5,643 and ttable 1,668 so that the result is tcount &gt; ttable (5,643 &gt; 1,668) meaning that H1 is accepted and H0 is rejected. So, it can be concluded that there is an influence of the problem based learning model on the learning outcomes of fifth grade students at SDN 060907 Medan Maimun District. This research was conducted on fifth grade students at SDN 060907 Medan Maimun District with a population of 39 students in the experimental class and control class with 20 VA students in the experimental class and 19 VB students in the control class.</p> Dinda Sulistia Arrini Shabrina Anshor Copyright (c) 2023 Dinda Sulistia, Arrini Shabrina Anshor 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 173 178 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.457 Media Development Smart Dice for Early Children in TK Syafina Family Kids Tanjung Morawa District <p>This study aims to develop smart dice media and to find out which smart dice media are feasible and ready to be used as learning media for early childhood at Syafina Family Kids Kindergarten, Tanjung Morawa District. The problems in this study include students being fixated, the learning activities carried out are still conventional, the limited use of learning media in carrying out the learning process so that good communication has not been established. The development research model used in this study is the 4-D development model (Definition, Design, Development, Deployment). The results showed that the development of smart dice media for early childhood was carried out by adopting a 4-D development procedure which consisted of the define stage, the design stage, the development stage, the disseminate stage. This development procedure is adapted to the guidelines for the development of smart dice media so that each stage consists of several processes. The Define stage includes: 1) Analysis of learning needs; 2) See the completeness of the media. The process at the Design stage includes: 1) Arranging learning media needs; 2) Create a predefined product design. The Development stage includes: 1) Guidance by expert lecturers; 2) Validating learning media by material experts, media experts and teachers. The quality of the smart dice media developed based on validation shows a good category.</p> Amanda Cinta Dwi Putri Novita Frizka Copyright (c) 2023 Amanda Cinta Dwi Putri, Novita Frizka 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 178 183 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.458 Game Development Treasure Based Learning Discovery in Early Children in TK Az-Zikri Perbaungan District <p>This study aims to develop a treasure trove game based on discover learning to determine its feasibility and is ready to be used as a learning medium for early childhood at AZ ZIKRI Kindergarten, Perbaungan sub-district. This research is a type of research and development or research and development (R&amp;D). This study uses the ADDIE model which focuses on developing discover learning-based treasure games which are equipped with a media use guidebook to make it easier for teachers to make and use discover learning-based treasure games. The instrument used to collect data is using a questionnaire on the validator based on the validation results of material experts getting a score of 90% and media experts of 83%. And interview instruments given by the teacher before and after getting a score of 93%. So it can be said that the development of a treasure game based on discovery learning in early childhood is very appropriate to be used as a learning medium in the Perbaungan sub-district.</p> Mifthahul Husna Dewi Fitria Copyright (c) 2023 Mifthahul Husna, Dewi Fitria 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 184 190 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.462 Improving Student Learning Outcomes in Theme 2 Always Saving Energy Through Problem Based Learning Models Assisted by Audio Visual Media in Class IV SD IT Darussalam Deli Tua <p>This study aims to determine the Improvement of Student Learning Outcomes in Theme 2 Always Save Energy Through the Problem Based Learning Model Assisted by Audio Visual Media in Grade IV SD IT Darussalam Deli Tua. This research is a classroom action research (PTK) consisting of 3 cycles with 2 meetings in each cycle. Each cycle consists of 4 stages, namely planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The subjects of this study were teachers and 37 fourth grade students at SD IT Darussalam Deli Tua. Data collection techniques used test and non-test techniques in the form of tests, observation and documentation. Data analysis techniques consisted of qualitative and quantitative analysis. This classroom action research started from April to June 2023. This classroom action research was conducted at SD IT Darussalam, Deli Tua District. Student learning outcomes were measured through final tests, observations, and assessments from the groups. Data on student learning outcomes showed a significant increase after the application of the audio-visual-assisted Problem Based Learning model. It is known that in cycle III, where the learning was carried out for 2 meetings, 30 students who completed or 98% of the total number of students, namely 37 people, completed. This shows that student learning outcomes have reached indicators of success, namely students who achieve KKM 70 have reached 70% at the end of cycle III.</p> Lola Widia Sari Nasution Sujarwo Copyright (c) 2023 Lola Widia Sari Nasution, Sujarwo 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 191 196 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.463 The Effect of the Modeling the Way Method in Improving Students' Speech Skills at SMA Swasta Nurul Iman Tanjung Morawa <p>This study aims to determine the effect of the modeling the way method in improving the speech skills of Nurul Iman Tanjung Morawa High School students in the 2021-2022 Academic Year. This study uses a quantitative approach in an effort to test the hypotheses that have been prepared. The location of the research being conducted was at Nurul Iman Tanjung Morawa High School in the 2021-2022 Academic Year. The reason for taking this research location is because the population is sufficient, this location is easily accessible by public transportation and not far from the researcher's residence so that it can save time, effort and money. Based on the review carried out, it was obtained data that all class XI students of Private High School Nurul Iman Tanjung Morawa for the 2021-2022 Academic Year totaled 98 people. Based on the results of the research and discussion it can be concluded that in general the speech skills of class XI SMA Nurul Iman Tanjung Morawa before the modeling the way method was applied to composing speeches in Indonesian were categorized as low. The average score of the students' posttest showed a result of 87.96 which was above the KKM score with the percentage of completeness criteria composing student speeches that had completed learning by 91% and those that had not been completed by 9%, so learning by applying the modeling the way method was declared successful because the number students who score above the KKM above 45%.</p> Rita Sari Sitepu Nurhayati Diah Kusyani Copyright (c) 2023 Rita Sari Sitepu, Nurhayati, Siti Fatimah Zahara 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 197 203 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.464 Analysis of the Low Level of Discipline of Class V Students SD Negeri 064961 Medan Maimun District <p>This Research Aims to Analyze the Low Level of Discipline of Class V Students of SD Negeri 064961 Medan Maimun District The research method used in this study is a descriptive method, namely a research method used to discuss a problem by researching, processing data, analyzing, and describing with detailed discussion. regularly and systematically with a qualitative approach. The approach in this study researchers used a qualitative approach. This research will examine the low level of discipline in fifth grade students at SD Negeri 064961 Kecanatan Medan Maimun. This research was conducted at SD Negeri 064961 Jl. Ps. Senen No. 40, Kp. Baru, Medan Maimun District, Medan City, North Sumatra. To obtain the desired data according to the problems in this thesis, the researchers used Observation techniques, Interviews, Questionnaires/Questionnaires, Documentation. First, authoritarian discipline, permissive discipline, and democratic discipline. These three ways have their respective goals in providing learning and student discipline education. This authoritarian discipline by giving reasonable to rigid behavior. Permissive discipline, namely giving freedom to overcome the problems at hand. Meanwhile, democratic discipline places more emphasis on rewards. These three methods are ways for educators to be applied in the teaching and learning process inside and outside the classroom while in the school environment.</p> Billah Wulandari Umar Darwis Copyright (c) 2023 Billah Wulandari, Umar Darwis 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 204 210 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.465 Development of Powtoon Animation Learning Media on Flat Building Materials Class IV <p>Research and development is a research method used to produce certain products and test the effectiveness of these products. Research and development or what is known as Research &amp; Development (R&amp;D) is product oriented in the field of education. This research was conducted at SD Negeri 105330 Bangun Sari, Tanjung Morawa sub-district, Deli Serdang Regency, in class IV students. The time for carrying out this research and development is in the even semester of the 2023/2024 school year. The subjects of this study were fourth grade students at SD Negeri 105330 Bangun Sari, totaling 37 students, consisting of 18 female students and 19 male students. This research was assisted by several mathematicians as a validator/assessment. The instruments used in this study were interviews, questionnaires and documentation. Material validation was carried out with the aim of obtaining material that was in accordance with the media being developed. The results of the material validation obtained an average value of 88% in the "very valid" category. It can be concluded that the material in the PowerPoint animation media component is suitable for use without revision. Media validation is carried out with the aim of obtaining media that is suitable for use. Media validation results obtained an average value of 77% with the "valid" criterion. It can be concluded that the media is suitable for use without revision. Teacher response validation obtained an average score of 96% with the "very good" criterion so that the Powtoon animation media is suitable for use without revision. The powtoon animation media used will make the learning process in the classroom fun. Fun learning will improve student learning outcomes. Powtoon animation media will help students understand flat shape material so that students get better learning outcomes.</p> Masito Wahyuni Hasibuan Arrini Shabrina Anshor Copyright (c) 2023 Masito Wahyuni Hasibuan, Arrini Shabrina Anshor 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 211 219 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.466 Development of Interactive Learning Media Helped Kine Master on Themes of Objects, Animals, and Plants Around Me Class 1 SD <p>Education is a conscious and planned effort to create a learning atmosphere and learning process so that students actively develop their potential to have religious spiritual strength, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character and the skills needed by themselves and society. This type of research uses development research methods. or Research and Development (R&amp;D). Research methods are used to produce certain products and test the effectiveness of these products. This research is intended to develop interactive learning media assisted by Kine Master with modifications to the design of the ADDIE model development which consists of several stages including analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. From the results of the needs analysis, namely researchers looking for solutions by developing products in the form of interactive learning videos with the help of Kine Master Themes Objects, Animals and Plants Around Me Class 1 SD which can facilitate teachers and students in the learning process. The results of the curriculum analysis can be described as follows: The 2018 revision of the 2013 curriculum has been used at PELITA Vocational Schools and the learning objectives in the media are described from learning indicators, because not all material can be conveyed through interactive learning. Kine Master-assisted media, it is necessary to select learning materials that are guided by the Core Competencies and Basic Competencies of Grade 1 Elementary School semester. Based on the results of research and development that has been carried out by researchers it can be concluded that research and development uses stages with the ADDIE model which is modified into 3 stages, namely : analysis, design, and development have resulted in a product in the form of interactive learning media videos assisted by Kine Master on the themes of objects, animals and plants around me.</p> Asrida Ramadhani Dinda Yarshal Copyright (c) 2023 Asrida Ramadhani, Dinda Yarshal 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 220 225 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.480 Efforts to Improve Student Activities and Results in Integrated Learning Using the Problem Based Model Learning at SDN 060924 District Sanding Field <p>This study aims to determine efforts to increase student activity and learning outcomes in learning multiplication with integers using the problem-based learning model at SDN 060924, Medan Amplas District. This research is a classroom action research. The model used in this study is the Spiral model from Kemmis &amp; Mc Taggart. This research was conducted in May 2023 at SDN 060924 Medan Amplas. In this study using a test instrument, namely multiple choice questions as many as 15 questions and non-tes, namely in the form of observation sheets, interviews, and documentation. There are several types of data collection techniques, namely tests, observations, and documentation. Based on the table about the development of student learning activities above, it shows an increase in student learning activities. In this case, the average increase in student learning activity in each aspect is 11,345% and all aspects of the activity reach the active criteria. Learning mathematics about integer material in cycles I, II and III that the application of problem based learning has in fact experienced an increase of 90% from the number of students who complete it in cycles I, II and III, the description of student learning activities regarding multiplication of integers increases greatly Good. It is known that the mastery of the mathematics learning results of class IV students on mixed arithmetic operations material reaches 90%, so that it meets the specified indicator of 70%. So in this case the researcher can be said to be successful and there is no need for further action in the next cycle. Observations from observers showed an increase in student activity in participating in learning.</p> Aswan Simanjuntak Hidayat Copyright (c) 2023 Aswan Simanjuntak, Hidayat 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 2 2 226 234 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.481 Conditions of Chemical Parameters of the Anahoni River to Detect Water Quality <p>This study aims to analyze the water quality of the Anahoni river due to gold mining by covering chemical parameters (pH, DO, BOD, COD, heavy metal mercury (Hg), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), Cadmium (Cd), Arsenic (As) ) and cyanide (CN).Metal mercury, iron, copper, cadmium, arsenic, and cyanide were tested at the Proling Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) laboratory. Meanwhile, DO, BOD parameters were analyzed at the Maluku Provincial Health Office Laboratory. pH and temperature parameters were carried out measured in situ. The pH value of the waters was obtained in the range of 7.1-10.5.The measured DO concentration has a value that varies in the range of 4.6-10.4 mg/L.The concentration of BOD has a value in the range of 0.5-10 .25 mg/L. COD concentrations have values ​​in the range of 1.7-12.11 mg/L. Hg, Fe, Cu, As, and CN metals were detected in water and sediments.</p> M. Sehol Kasmawati Rosita Mangesa Irsan Copyright (c) 2023 M. Sehol, Kasmawati, Rosita Mangesa, Irsan 2023-08-07 2023-08-07 2 2 235 251 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.468 The Use of the Everyone is Teacher here Learning Strategy in Affecting Class X SMA Students' Mathematical Critical Thinking Ability <p>The ability to think critically mathematically is one of the important abilities required in learning mathematics at the senior high school level in the independent curriculum. This ability is also one of the abilities demanded by the 21st century educational revolution. The importance of this ability is not in line with the mathematical critical thinking abilities of high school students, as was the problem of research in class X MIA at SMA Negeri 1 Natar Lampung Selatan. Given the importance of critical thinking skills, the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of using Everyone is a Teacher Here strategy on students' mathematical critical thinking abilities. This research is a quasi-experimental study with a population of all students of class X MIA even semester of SMA Negeri 1 Natar Lampung Selatan consisting of 8 classes with a total of 228 students, while 2 classes were taken, namely class X MIA 8 as the experimental class totaling 36, and class X MIA 7 as the control class, totaling 36. The sample was taken using a random sampling technique. Students' mathematical critical thinking ability is measured by a test in the form of a description of 5 questions which have previously been tested for validity and reliability. Testing the hypothesis in this study using the t test. From the results of hypothesis testing, it can be concluded that the use of the Everyone is a Teacher Here strategy can influence the mathematical critical thinking skills of class X MIA students at SMA Negeri 1 Natar Lampung.</p> Buang Saryantono Joko Sutrisno AB Hesti Noviyana Copyright (c) 2023 Buang Saryantono, Joko Sutrisno AB, Hesti Noviyana 2023-08-07 2023-08-07 2 2 252 256 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.451 Implementation of the E-Government System: A case study at the Ministry of Religious Affairs Office in Sukabumi City <p>The purpose of this study is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the e-government system, obstacles in the implementation of the e-government system, and the implementation of the e-government system at the Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Sukabumi City. The data collection technique is carried out through observation, interviews, and documentation. The location of the study was focused on the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Sukabumi City. The respondents in this study were 9 employees of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Sukabumi City. Data analysis is carried out by selecting answers obtained from respondents and then collected for analysis and conclusions. The data analysis used is data triangulation. The results of the study were obtained, 1) The advantages of the e-government system are to facilitate public services and public services more effectively and efficiently, while the disadvantages of the e-government system are service procedures and one-stop integrated service media (PTSP). 2) Obstacles in the implementation of PTSP at the Ministry of Religious Affairs office in Sukabumi City include inadequate facilities and infrastructure, and lack of human resources in implementing PTSP and SOPs. (3) The implementation of the e-government system at the Ministry of Religious Affairs office has been going well even though in practice there are obstacles faced, namely the many types of applications used in integrating one-stop integrated services (PTSP).</p> Ludi Jalaludin Copyright (c) 2023 Ludi Jalaludin 2023-08-09 2023-08-09 2 2 257 265 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.436 Analysis of Zoning System Implementation Policies in The Admission of New Students of Junior High School in Sukabumi City <p>The admission of the new students (PPDB) zoning system start to be enforced in Indonesia through the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud) No. 17 of 2017. This policy applies to all City and Regency Education Offices in Indonesia. The policy applies in Sukabumi City in 2018 due to the readiness of human resources, infrastructure, and financial resources owned by Sukabumi City. The purpose of this study is to find out how the implementation of the zoning system policy in accepting new students, as well as the inhibiting factors in achieving the objectives of the new student admission policy in junior high schools in Sukabumi City. The research was conducted to analyze the implementation of the PPDB zoning system in Sukabumi City using qualitative methods with the analysis technique of the Miles and Huberman models to compare with the theory originating from Van Meter and Van Horn. The results showed that Sukabumi City had implemented a zoning system to the variables in the Van Meter and Van Horn theories. There are several goals had not been achieved, namely removing the favorite school label, reducing dropout rates, increasing the net enrollment rate index, bringing parents and children closer together, and evaluating the distribution of schools in Sukabumi City. The goal has not been achieved because of the lack of bureaucratic commitment and fragmentation in the form of pressure from outside the bureaucratic unit.</p> R. Niske Dewintania Ike Rachmawati Unin Nibi Saputra Alhidayatullah Copyright (c) 2023 R. Niske Dewintania, Ike Rachmawati, Unin Nibi Saputra; Alhidayatullah Alhidayatullah 2023-08-09 2023-08-09 2 2 267 274 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.437 The Influence of Learning Outside the Class on the Quality of Students' Al-Qur'an Memory at the Qur'an Elementary School Bahrusysyfa' Sukodono, Lumajang Regency, Indonesia <p>Development of human resource capabilities including students in it is through a learning process. With this learning process students gain knowledge and skills, all of which students can acquire through the learning process, especially religious learning which has an important role in developing students' attitudes and spirituality. Basically a teacher should be able to implement a learning in which active interaction can be created between the teacher and students, fellow students and students with their environment. With learning like this it is hoped that students' understanding of religion can be better. On the other hand, a sense of belonging, loving the environment can also be embedded. Outdoor learning or learning outside the classroom indirectly reminds students that learning is not always done in the classroom. With learning like this it gives students room to add more memorization and provide the best quality for good Al Qur'an memorization. Because learning outside the classroom can create interactions between teachers and students, students and students as well as students and their environment. By trying to keep students happy to learn and memorize, of course, it will have an impact on students' understanding of murojaah memorizing the Koran, so that what is called competence in the quality of memorizing the Koran will be achieved. A teacher should be able to implement a learning in which an active and pleasant interaction is created between the teacher and students.</p> Syovinatus Sholicha Imam Syaifudin Azuan Syahiri Arifatul Ma’ani Eka Ismaya Indra Purnamanita Bopel Wasianto Eva Andriani Copyright (c) 2023 Syovinatus Sholicha, Imam Syaifudin, Azuan Syahiri, Arifatul Ma’ani, Eka Ismaya Indra Purnamanita, Bopel Wasianto, Eva Andriani 2023-08-09 2023-08-09 2 2 275 282 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.511 The Value of Religious Moderation in the Learning of Islamic Religious Education and Characteristics of Class XI Students at SMK Negeri 1 Lumajang Indonesia <p>The number of cases of intolerance that have occurred in Indonesia, especially in educational institutions, shows that there is a lack of tolerance in them. This should be immediately addressed by educational institutions to create conducive school conditions. In the world of education, students are a group that is very prone to being swept up by the currents of religious radicalism. The age is still very young and still unstable with a fiery enthusiasm, as well as the longing to practice religion more thoroughly, making young people the target of radical groups who preach religious understanding and attitudes that are rigid and tend to be shallow. On the other hand, at the same time, religious liberalism has also begun to infiltrate some young people, namely high school students. Because of that, the world of education has a role to fortify students so that they can always be in the middle, not taking sides to the left and right, guiding students to be fair, the middle position makes a person visible to anyone from different angles.</p> Arifatul Ma’ani Imam Syaifudin Nur Avita Khoirunnisa Bopel Wasianto Syovinatus Sholicha Eka Ismaya Indra Purnamanita Eva Andriani Copyright (c) 2023 Arifatul Ma’ani, Imam Syaifudin, Nur Avita Khoirunnisa, Bopel Wasianto, Syovinatus Sholicha, Eka Ismaya Indra Purnamanita, Eva Andriani 2023-08-09 2023-08-09 2 2 283 288 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.510 Development Student’s Writing Skill Through Blended Learning Model <p>This research aims (1) To develop student’s writing skill through blended learning (2) To find out whether blended learning can develop student’s writing skills through blended learning. (3) To explain the process of developing writing skills using blended learning. The population of the research was the students of STKIP Usman Safri Kutacane. The sample was second semester consisted of 12 students. The sample was taken by purposive sampling. The research was a Research and Experimental Development (R&amp;D), which conducted by giving two tests, pre-test and post-test. Pre-test was given before implementing writing descriptive essay while post-test was given after implementing writing descriptive essay. It was carried out on using qualitative and quantitave method. The instrument of the data collection was a essay writing tests.. The data was analyzed by using T-test. After the data had been collected by using test, it was found that the pre-test average was 61,67 while post-test was 76,67. There were 15% improvement from the pre-test value. So, the writer concluded that there were improvement of the writing skill of the students through blended learning model. It can also proved by comparing the result t observation (5,169) with t table (4,318) for alpha = 0,1%. It was meant that the hypothesis was received.</p> Isnaini Ramadaniah Harianto II Copyright (c) 2023 Isnaini Ramadaniah, Harianto II 2023-08-27 2023-08-27 2 2 289 293 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.459 Juridical Analysis of Gambling Offenders According to the Criminal Code <p>Objective study This is to find out what is causing perpetrators to commit criminal gambling in Indonesia at the moment. According to the Criminal Code, how do you apply the law to your criminal gambling? What inhibitor in the application of criminal perpetrator criminal gambling complied with the Criminal Code? In accordance with the title and problem to be addressed discussed in the study, this can give useful results, so study This is done with the study of juridical normative (method study of law normative). Research methods: juridical normative is the study of law literature carried out with the method of researching ingredients in literature or secondary data. Factors that become reasons follow criminal gambling, namely: factors social and economic, situational, learning, perceptions about probability of victory, and perceptions of skills. Based on cases of gambling that occur in the jurisdiction of Southeast Aceh Police in general, it is a factor in social and economic society, where a low economy has stimulated perpetrators to engage in gambling. For increased economy as interpreters write (collectors) or as players (bettors) expect victory. Application law criminal perpetrator criminal gambling at the Southeast Aceh Police has been in accordance with provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code. Factors that become inhibitors in handling lawful criminals and perpetrators of criminal gambling at the Southeast Aceh Police are: related substances that follow criminal gambling There is an exclusion to activities given gambling permission so that activity is gambling. That includes following criminal gambling. Amount limited personnel and HR capabilities in identification elements gambling online (internet gambling). Found evidence from proof electronics that haven't been arranged in law, so it must be supported with information from an expert.</p> Muhlizar Nelvitia Purba Joharsah Syafil Warman M. Yusuf Iskandar Copyright (c) 2023 Muhlizar, Nelvitia Purba, Joharsah, Syafil Warman, M. Yusuf Iskandar 2023-09-11 2023-09-11 2 2 294 302 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.558 Development of Speaking Materials by Using Discussion Techniques at Muhammadiyah Vocational School 10 Kisaran <p>The objective of this research is to develop the English speaking materials for Vocational High School students based on discussion method at Muhammadiyah Vocational School 10 Kisaran. The data of this research are quantitative and qualitative. The researcher uses the percentage of the questionnaire of need analysis for the quantitative data. Meanwhile, for the qualitative, the researcher uses the content analysis &nbsp;for describing the data. The data is collected by using questionnaire and material (textbook). The result of needs analysis showed two parts, those were target needs and learning needs. After gathering the need analysis, the researcher formulated a course grid and wrote the first draft of the speaking materials. The speaking materials based on Project-Based learning contains of two units, those were: <em>“Do You Agree with That? Giving Your Opinion” and “To Whom is the Letter Addressed?”. </em>The researcher implemented ADDIE model for &nbsp;developing the materials. As the result, the researcher finds some error and lacks &nbsp;in the students’ text book. In order to maintain the students’ needs and the components of speaking, the researcher develop the material which has been verified by the expert. After getting the revision on the final product, the researcher finds that the materials can give the significant effect to the students’ &nbsp;speaking skills.</p> Muhammad Nurman Yulia Arfanti Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Nurman, Yulia Arfanti 2023-09-20 2023-09-20 2 2 303 314 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.469 Developing Speaking Instruction Through Metacognitive Approach <p>The teachers’ speaking instruction is considered successful if the student’s skills in English speaking increase. There are still many teachers who still use conventional instruction in teaching speaking. The traditional approaches to language teaching only focus on teacher-centered. This can be proved by the result of observation at MTs Al Washliyah Kolam Junior High School. Teachers should adopt approaches that can help students develop their speaking skills in a holistic way. The theoretical model of this research uses Research and Development&nbsp;(R &amp; D) method by using Borg and Gall model by limiting and simplifying it to just four steps, namely, Research &amp; Information collection, Planning, Design of Product, and Expert Judgment. The result of this research: (1) The existing speaking instruction used by the English teacher at MTs Al Washliyah Kolam Junior High School still uses the traditional method. (2) Speaking instruction is needed by the students based on the data that the highest students need the Teacher’s help (80%) to speak English, the second rank students need to conclude the lesson (73,33%) when end the learning and give an example of speaking (40%) when speaking English. (3)The model is developed by the researcher to improve students' speaking skills is considered very relevant because the model created by experts was further developed for learning English speaking. (4) The result of expert judgment, the speaking instruction model through Metacognitive approach is valid and worth testing.</p> Mahdiah Apandi Didik Santoso Copyright (c) 2023 Mahdiah Apandi, Didik Santoso 2023-09-25 2023-09-25 2 2 315 320 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.450 Developing Speaking Instruction Through Whole Brain Teaching for Tenth Grader at SMA Swasta Nur Azizi Tanjung Morawa in Academic Year 2023/2024 <p>The objective of this developmental research is to develop a model of speaking instruction for tenth grader through whole brain teaching. The data of this study consisted of quantitative and qualitative data. The data sources were learners, teacher, and expert in speaking instruction design. Data were collected by using observation, questionnaires, and document. The speaking instruction were developed in four steps: (1) analyzing the existing speaking instruction, (2) carrying out needs analysis, (3) developing speaking instruction and (4) validating them. Data were analysed using percentages for quantitative data. Thematic Analysis is implemented to analyze the data. Thematic analysis that is one of method which used identifying, analyzing, and reporting patterns of themes in data and it minimally organizes and describes the data set in detail (Braun &amp; Clarke, 2006). The result of this research was a theoretical model of speaking instruction based on whole brain teaching containing: the components of speaking and the procedure of whole brain teaching.</p> Revi Restu Ayanda Didik Santoso Copyright (c) 2023 Revi Restu Ayanda, Didik Santoso 2023-09-25 2023-09-25 2 2 321 330 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.445 Developing Writing Ability Through Theme and Rheme of Narrative Text <p>This research aims (1) To find out the development of students' ability to write narrative texts (2) To find out the dominant type of theme in student writing (3) To find out the factors that influence students' ability to write narrative text. This research is quantitative and qualitative in nature and was conducted in February 2023 to students of class. In this research, samples were taken by means of cluster random sampling of 33 students. Data were collected through tests in the form of narrative texts written by students using themes and rhemes according to the assessment aspect rubric and through pretest and posttest. The pre-test was given to determine students' ability in writing skills before being given treatment, while the post-test was given to determine students' abilities in writing skills after being given treatment. Then the collected data will be presented in the form of descriptions and diagrams. The results showed that the average pretest score was lower than the posttest average score (60.24&lt;81.88). That is, the set of themes and rhymes can develop students' writing skills significantly. From the results of the qualitative description, the type of theme that is most widely used is the type of topical theme with a percentage (84.84%). This was also shown by the questionnaire data before treatment was lower than after receiving treatment with (65.82 &lt;68.48). This study concluded that the theme and rheme sets can develop students' writing skills</p> Maulidya Mayang Widhari Risnawaty Copyright (c) 2023 Maulidya Mayang Widhari, Risnawaty 2023-09-25 2023-09-25 2 2 331 336 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.453 Developing Students' Reading Comprehension in Hortatory Exposition Text by Using Questioning Technique in SMAN 13 Medan in Academic Year 2022/2023 <p>This study aims to determine the development, validity and effectiveness of the Developing reading comprehension material by using questioning technique at SMAN 13 Medan. This research is a research and development (R&amp;D) using the ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). The instrument used is a questionnaire for expert lecturers and students, interviews with teachers, and the results of the last test given to students. The test results from the validator through media design as a whole get valid category criteria (88,9 %) so that teaching materials can be used as teaching materials for students in the learning process. The results of the assessment of English Teaching Materials by experts on the substance of the material as a whole from the aspects that are considered to have received appropriate criteria (86,7%). so that the Teaching Materials can be used in the learning process. And the test results show that the average value of students with score 62,70 % so that they get the effective criteria.</p> Indria Henny Harianto II Copyright (c) 2023 Indria Henny, Harianto II 2023-09-25 2023-09-25 2 2 337 350 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.473 Development of a Virtual Test to Measure Mastery of Green Chemistry Material <p>This research aims to obtain a virtual test that measures proficiency in green chemistry with good instrument quality, meeting the criteria of validity, reliability, readability value, difficulty level, and good discrimination power. The virtual test in this research consists of text, images, animations, graphs, and videos. The method used is the development and validation method, which involved developing twenty items for the virtual test that have been deemed valid. First, a readability test was conducted on the items with five students, followed by a real-class trial involving 101 tenth-grade students from three high schools that already use the independent curriculum. The findings of this research show that out of the 36 developed test items, 20 items have a CVR value above 0.99, a reliability value of 0.702, categorized as high. The difficulty level test resulted in a value of 0.39, categorized as moderate, and the discrimination power test yielded a value of 0.41, categorized as good.</p> Dewi Sanusi Noor Nahadi Hernani Copyright (c) 2023 Dewi Sanusi Noor, Nahadi, Hernani 2023-09-25 2023-09-25 2 2 351 356 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.489 The Influence of Digitalization on the Practice of Pancasila Moral Values in Private Business Vocational School Students Al-Washliyah 3 Medan <p>This research aims to determine whether there is an influence of digitalization on the practice of Pancasila moral values among students at the Al-washliyah 3 Medan Private Business Vocational School. Digitalization is the term for a wave of information technology which was initially based on analogue and print media to become digital based using digital technology and data. Pancasila moral values are a guideline for social life in society. In other words, Pancasila moral values are procedures for good social behavior among society. The form of this research is quantitative research and the approach method is product moment correlation, namely looking for the level of influence of digitalization on the practice of Pancasila moral values among students at Al-Washliyah 3 Medan Private Business Vocational School. The population in this study was all students in class XI of Al-washliyah 3 Medan Private Business Vocational School with a sample of 31 students. The instruments used in this research were questionnaires and interview guides as well as observation sheets only to strengthen the questionnaire data. Meanwhile, researchers sought research results by distributing questionnaires to students as respondents and a questionnaire with 20 questions on each variable. The data analysis technique in this research uses the product moment correlation formula and hypotheses using significance tests. The results of this research show that there is a strong influence between digitalization and the practice of Pancasila moral values. This can be seen by the correlation coefficient value of 0.702 when measured by the measurement results of the correlation coefficient interpretation table which states that the correlation coefficient value is included in the value of 0.60-0.799 and the relationship is stated to be strong. Next, the hypothesis was tested for variable significance with a significance ratio of 0.05.</p> Alwi Irwanto Ulian Barus Copyright (c) 2023 Alwi Irwanto, Ulian Barus 2023-09-25 2023-09-25 2 2 357 365 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.594 The Effectiveness of Using Canva Toward Students Writing Ability of Achievement Student of SMP Negeri 3 Mardingding <p>Many junior high school students do not understand the importance of writing for student achievement. This study intends to determine whether or not the use of the Canva application is effective as a medium for student achievement in writing. This research uses quantitative methods. The instruments used in this study were interviews and tests. Respondents in this study were students of class VIIIA and class VIIIB of SMP Negeri 3 Mardingding. The results showed that the effectiveness of Canva on students' writing skills was that there were 25 students in class VIIIA and 25 students in class VIIIB, and class VIIIB learned to write using Canva in the computer laboratory. and class VIIIA don't use canva. It turns out that learning to use Canva is more effective than not using Canva. class VIIIB understands and understands Canva better because they directly use it, this can be seen from the test results that students are more creative in writing compared to students who do not write from Canva.</p> Emya Gresta Br Sembiring Yulia Sari Harahap Copyright (c) 2023 Emya Gresta Br Sembiring, Yulia Sari Harahap 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 2 2 366 371 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.598 Absorption P of Soybean Plants ( Glycine max L.(Merr)) in Cambisol Soil After Lime and Phosphate Fertilizer Application <p>Lime and fertilization are the right way to increase nutrients to increase P uptake of soybean plants ( <em>Glycine max </em>L. ( Merr)) on cambisol soil. This is done by paying attention to the dose, time, and method of calcification and fertilization. This study aims to obtain information about the P uptake of soybean plants ( <em>Glycine max </em>L. ( Merr)) on cambisol soil after lime and phosphate fertilizer application, which was carried out in Poka Village, Teluk Ambon Baguala District, Ambon City. This research took place from September 2022 to February 2023. Soil and plant analysis was carried out at the Soil Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Pattimura. The experimental design used in this study was a factorial complete randomized design (CRD) with three replications, where the parameter studied was the P uptake of soybean plants. The results showed that the optimal combination of lime and phosphate fertilizer doses on cambisol soil could increase the P uptake of soybean plants.</p> Charles Silahooy Copyright (c) 2023 Charles Silahooy 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 2 2 372 377 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.493 Integration of Qualitative Approaches in Research in Counseling <p>This study aims to determine the integration of research with a qualitative approach in the field of counseling as well as to describe and discuss the nature of the qualitative research method, its characteristics and position in the field of counseling. The qualitative research methods in the field of counseling include descriptions of counseling in Indonesia, other forms of qualitative research in counseling, collecting data from qualitative research in the field of counseling and qualitative research steps in the field of counseling in accordance with data obtained in the field. A qualitative approach is suitable for use in counseling research because it contains a wide range of research according to needs.</p> Abdillah Muhammad Zaini Anggi Melviyanti Dara Agustina Delia Putri Utami Juliana Sari Juriani Harahap May Purnama Sari Putri Syahri Copyright (c) 2023 Abdillah Muhammad Zaini, Anggi Melviyanti, Dara Agustina, Delia Putri Utami, Juliana Sari, Juriani Harahap, May Purnama Sari, Putri Syahri 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 2 2 378 383 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.552 Development of Problem-Based Learning Devices to Improve Mathematics Problem Solving Ability and Learning Independence of Labuhanbatu Private Junior High School Students <p>This development research generally aims to develop problem-based learning tools that are valid, practical and effective, in particular the objectives are to : 1) Produce product development problem-based learning tools that are valid, practical and effective in improving students' mathematical problem solving skills and independence . 2) Analyzing the increase in students' mathematical problem solving abilities in the application of problem-based learning tools. 3) Analyze the level of student learning independence in the application of learning tools. The researcher gave pretest questions to students to see students' initial abilities before being given the learning tools that had been developed. The data obtained from the results of the pretest and posttest were analyzed to find out how much the increase in students' learning independence abilities occurred. Testing of the assessment instrument was carried out at the beginning (pretest) and at the end (posttest) of the meeting. This learning tool was developed using a development model referring to Plomp's theory, which consists of five phases, namely the initial investigative research phase, the design phase, the design phase, the assessment phase and the implementation phase (trial). LKPD is another tool that was developed using a problem-based learning model for problem-solving abilities and participants' independent learning abilities that can be said to be effective, valid and practical.</p> Sudirman Dedy Juliandri Panjaitan Copyright (c) 2023 Sudirman, Dedy Juliandri Panjaitan 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 2 2 384 389 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.553 Historical and Ethnographic Approaches in Qualitative Research <p>As an effort to carry out research, research methods have a very important role in getting answers to the problems being researched. In addition, research also occupies the most important position with regard to science, which means that this step is aimed at developing and continuing research in the future so that it does not become extinct. In qualitative research, there are many methods used to collect data as research sources, both from text and non-text. The results of qualitative research are generally in the form of a research design based on the findings of previous researchers and are not in the form of statistical figures. Qualitative research is explanatory in nature and leads to an analytical approach that emphasizes facts on the problems studied and is also known as a method that proceeds from a specific discussion to a general focus. This process is then highlighted in qualitative research to thoroughly explain the series and results of the research so that it is easy for researchers and academics to understand.</p> Muhammad Adriansyah Siregar Muhammad Amin Niswatul Azizah Nasution Rahma Winanda Syfa Nailul Husnah Nur Hasanah Andriyadi Marta Putri Syahri Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Adriansyah Siregar, Muhammad Amin, Niswatul Azizah Nasution, Rahma Winanda, Syfa Nailul Husnah, Nur Hasanah, Andriyadi Marta, Putri Syahri 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 2 2 390 394 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.554 A Review of Translanguaging as a New Way of Redefining Bi/Multilingualism in South African Classrooms <p>South Africa is a multilingual and multicultural country, and the Language in Education Policy (1997) permits any of the 12 official languages to be used as the language of teaching and learning. The purpose of this paper is to examine secondary data about the use of translanguaging in South African multilingual classrooms for a better understanding of course content. Translanguaging is simply a pedagogical term used to describe the natural ways bilingual/multilingual individuals use their languages in their everyday lives. This paper is discussed qualitatively using a systematic literature review examining several studies that are relevant to the topic. Both international and national articles and books relating to the topic were identified and analysed. The result from this review shows that translanguaging goes beyond theory to critical pedagogical practice. Also, it shows that the language in education policy (additive bilingualism) has not been able to cater for multilingualism in South African classrooms. Therefore, there is a need to employ translanguaging strategy in the classroom to center the marginalised languages in South African classroom space. The implication of this review is that it offers a blueprint for teachers, education actors, and policymakers to re-imagine South Africa’s bi/multilingualism classrooms through the lens of translanguaging.</p> Quinta Kemende Wunseh Copyright (c) 2023 Quinta Kemende Wunseh 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 2 2 395 400 10.55299/ijere.v2i2.494