Lighting Installation Calculation and Cost Budget on Road Protocol


  • Michael Stevano Sinurat Efarina University


Intensity Calculation, Cost Budget, Protocol Roads


Based on the results of the discussion in data processing according to field data, there are the results of the discussion, as follows: The number of street light poles is 100 traveling rods and one hundred lighting lamps. The distance between the poles is 50 meters and the height of the poles is 7 meters and the LED lights are 90 watts so that they do not meet the lighting standards of general street lights. Installation must follow the provisions for installing aerial cables in PUIL 2000 TC (Twistet cabel) as aerial cables are already familiar in the field. (In PUIL, there are various types of aerial cables NFY, NFAY, NF2X, NFA2X, etc.) On the TC cable for identification: On the TC cable there is a line / strip one is used to mark the phase = N, On the TC cable there is no line / strip is used to mark the neutral = N The nominal current in each panel is 12.37 amperes and the total use of lighting on the Sutomo-Merdeka road is 18,000 watts . The total cost budget is; total material price + tax + profit = IDR 1,515,164,000.- + IDR 174, 243,860.- + IDR 303,032,000.- , = IDR 1,992,440,660 -.


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